Offshore Drilling Services
Northern Offshore(NOF), a subsidiary of SDOE, operates a premium fleet with proven designs which can provide turnkey solution to clients, including installation, operation and maintenance.
Offshore Oilfield Decommissioning Services
SDOE offers flexible solution either integrated turnkey service for entire decommissioning process or turnkey service for the one of the processes at low cost compared to competitors.
Offshore Engineering R&D
SDOE possess a complete professional technical team and expertise in the offshore engineering fields, and is able to provide the R&D services required for most of the offshore industry projects.
Offshore Investment Services
Direct Financial Leasing
Operating Lease
Commercial Factoring
Leasing Transaction Consulting
Equity Investment
Offshore Oil & Gas Fields Development
SDOE started to be engaging in expanding its business into a integrated services provider in offshore oil & gas field development, offering tailor-made Engineering-Procurement-Construction-Installation(EPCI) solutions.
Offshore Base Services
With the rapid development of SDOE, our business has reached major ports across the global and a solid relation has been established.
Offshore Special Equipment Development
SDOE are developing made-to-measure products and technologies for modern offshore projects to meet the industry's challenge to employ the right technologies, ensuring reliable production and sustainable supply.
Offshore Training and Education
SDOE delivers our expert training courses for our employees, as well as for our customers, suppliers and all partners.