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Huachen Financial Leasing

Shandong Huachen Financial Leasing Co., LTD. (SHFL) is a foreign-invested financial leasing company approved by the ministry of commerce of China. The major shareholder is Shandong Offshore Engineering (SDOE).

Taking advantage of shareholders’ rich expertise and vast resources in offshore engineering and service projects, SHFL grows its financing leasing business in offshore engineering industry and expands into other sectors like electricity, health, infrastructure, tourism and etc. SHFL Business includes:

-Direct Financial Leasing

The leasing company (the leaser), according to the lessee's special requirements for the equipment and choice for equipment suppliers, purchases the assets from the lessee and lease back to the lessee, while the lessee will pay the rent in installments. During the leasing period, the ownership of the leased equipment belongs to the leaser, and the lessee has the right to use and benefit from the equipment. When the leasing period is due, after the lessee fulfilled payment and all the obligations under the financial leasing contract, the ownership of the equipment will be transferred to the lessee.


The lessee transfers the ownership of the equipment asset to the leaser to finance the fund, obtaining working capital according to the equipment value. Meanwhile, the lessee signs the contract with the leaser to lease back the equipment, and pays the rent to the leasing company on schedule. Therefore the lessee continues to occupy, use and benefit form the asset and will regain the ownership until the leasing period is due. Such business takes the equipment as carrier while focusing on financing. The companies can, according to the demand of their company and business development, finance the necessary funds by transferring the equipment with certain value under the contract.

-Operating Lease

The leaser can lease its self-operating assets to different lessees repeatedly, the lessees will pay the rents until the assets be scrapped or eliminated. The operating lease is also called an off-balance sheet financing, where the leased assets are not shown in the balance sheet of the lessee, while only shown in the income statement as rents, in order to optimize the lessee’s asset and liability structure.

-Commercial Factoring

Receivable Service Factoring: The client transfers accounts receivable to the leasing company and the latter will pay the receivable transferee to the client, then the original debtor (or the creditor’s charging and paying agents) of the client makes a payment to the leasing company when the account receivable is due.

Payable Commercial Factoring: The client (debtor) finances through accounts payable. The creditor (usually the upstream companies of the debtor) of the accounts payable transfers the accounts payable to the financial leasing company, and the latter will pay the receivable transferee, and the client will pay off the accounts payable to the leasing company.

-Leasing Transaction Consulting

We can respond to your consultation about the leasing business.

-Equity Investment

We can cooperate with you by taking a direct stake in your company, growing up with you by strategic cooperation.